Completing a Personal Development Plan (PDP)

All fully qualified registrants are expected to complete and upload a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to MyCPD.

The PDP gives registrants an opportunity to reflect on their scope of practice, think about the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that would be useful to them and plan their activities over the CPD cycle.

Registrants should complete the PDP as early in the cycle as possible, as this will help them make sure they complete CPD that is meaningful to their current and future practice. It can also help registrants identify areas that aren’t available within provider-led CPD, which they can then pursue via self-directed CPD.

PDPs should be reviewed and amended regularly during the cycle as career paths and learning objectives evolve. New PDPs can be uploaded at any time.

The PDP is also necessary for the reflective exercise at the end of the cycle where registrants look back at where they thought they were and how well their learning has come along.

We have provided a template to use, but registrants are free to use an alternative template provided by their employer, contracting organisation or professional body, or their own template.