Information for new CPD providers

Much of the CPD that GOC registrants undertake is delivered by organisations registered with the GOC to provide CPD. GOC-registered CPD providers can deliver ‘higher value’ CPD to optical professionals, and can give assurances to them that the learning delivered is quality assured.

We require our CPD providers to meet certain standards to be able to deliver learning. These are set out in our guidance for providers document. If you are considering becoming a CPD provider, you should read this guidance thoroughly before submitting your application as it sets out what CPD looks like for optical professionals. You may also find it useful to read our CPD guidance for registrants.

To register as a CPD provider, please visit our MyCPD Portal, click on ‘For new CPD providers only - register with the GOC here’ and fill out the application form.

Please note that if you were a CET provider during the 2019-21 cycle, you do not need to re-register as a CPD provider. CET providers who did not deliver learning during the 2019-21 cycle will however need to register. Read information for existing CPD providers for more.