Speaking up

B. Maintaining and promoting awareness

76. Everyone who works for you in any capacity should be provided with information on how to speak up, regardless of whether they are permanent, contracted staff or not. This could be provided at induction, made available on intranets or, in the case of locum staff, included as part of a briefing or welcome pack before their first shift with you. It may be useful to remind staff periodically of how to speak up, particularly if they have been working for you a long time without needing to do so.

77. You should also consider how to equip management staff with the appropriate skills and support to be able to receive and act on concerns raised sensitively and appropriately. This may be by way of training, making them aware of their local speaking up guardian (if there is one) or by appointing a speaking up guardian for your business. Freedom to Speak Up Guardians in England are trained and supported by the National Guardian’s Office and more information about what they do and how to appoint them is on the National Guardian’s Office website.