Standards for optical businesses

3.4 Staff collaborate with others, where appropriate

Why is this Standard necessary?

Some patients may need external referral to other healthcare professionals such as ophthalmologists to manage their health. Staff working within an optical business should understand the system of referral available and be in a position to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure patient safety. Locums specifically should have access to information about local referral protocols. This cannot be done without the full support of the business.

To achieve this, your business:

  1. Supports its staff in making referrals and ensures that they only make referrals when appropriate and clinically justified;
  2. Facilitates the sharing of appropriate and relevant information in a timely manner;
  3. Supports its staff in requesting further information from the patient, their carer(s) or any other healthcare professional when necessary;
  4. Encourages respectful communications with professional colleagues and refrains from making disparaging remarks about other professionals or businesses in public or in private;
  5. Supports its staff to keep patient records that are clear, legible, contemporaneous and sufficiently detailed to be accessible to another healthcare professional.